Our Facilities    

Rockingham's facilities are second to none.  As we are located on the seaside, our residents have an open, airy and bright communal facility, as well as comfortable, home-like accommodation.  There's lots of areas for you and your resident to engage in conversation, activities and shared meals.

Tips for Visiting  


Volunteering takes a special kind of person - you!  The following tips for friendly visiting will help you to gain an understanding of some of the activities you may be involved in as a volunteer:

  • Be a good listener - be interested and responsive, even to stories you may have heard before.
  • Read aloud if you think the resident would be interested.  Choose items you think will appeal to them.
  • Talk about the news of the day.  Try and help the resident retain an interest in community affairs.
  • Encourage your resident to reminisce.  This is a good mental exercise and usually a happy experience for the resident.
  • If you are visiting the hostel, ask the staff if it is convenient to visit the resident at that time.
  • If you wish to bring something for your resident, make sure it is appropriate.
  • Encourage interest and pride in personal appearance and the environment.
  • Take time to play simple games - cards, dominoes, scrabble etc (if that is what the resident would like to do).
  • If you are visiting a sight impaired resident, say who you are and describe things to the person, for example, what you and they are wearing.
  • Be sensitive to the concentration span capacity of your resident - older people often tire quickly.
  • If a resident speaks sharply or finds fault with you, the staff or their families, do not take it personally.  Remember, they often not vent their frustrations in other ways.
Apply Now  



If you would like more information about becoming a volunteer at Rockingham, please complete the following form, and we'll contact you shortly.  Alternatively, please contact us directly.  We look forward to meeting you personally in the near future.