Welcome to our team at Rockingham.  This section of the website is designed to give you a broad overview of what being a volunteer at Rockingham is about. 

At Rockingham, volunteers form part of our personal care department and are managed by our Friends of Rockingham sub-group. The Friends of Rockingham meet regularly, and all our volunteers received our regular newsletter.  Your interest in helping us provide care for our residents is greatly appreciated, and we hope that you will come to share the personal satisfaction we experience from working as a team, and from sharing in the lives of our 'special' residents. 

Role of a Volunteer  


The role of the volunteer is to supplement the activities of regular staff.  Both staff and residents benefit from your time, talent and energy in being a volunteer.  We appreciate volunteers who:
  • Are willing to undertake training and accept guidance
  • Have a sincere liking for elderly people and are well-motivated
  • Show warmth, empathy, tact and discretion
  • Have emotional  maturity and the ability to develop self-discipline to conform loyally to the necessary guidelines at Rockingham
  • Recognise that the work done adds value to our residents' wellbeing
  • Are dependable and reliable
  • Have good listening skills - a volunteer who listens actively can be as supportive as an experienced staff member
  • Respect the principles of confidentiality and loyalty following the same standard expected of all employee

Does this sound like you?




Rockingham has a set of volunteer guidelines to assist you.  The guidelines are designed to help you know Rockingham, and keep you accurately informed of Rockingham's policies and procedures, so that you can really enjoy your time with us. 

The policies and procedures at Rockingham are not there to cause undue hardship for you, rather they are there simply to let you know what to expect from us, and what will be expected of you.  The policies are not unchangeable, but will remain in effect until changes are considered necessary.  As part of the Rockingham 'team', you'll be notified when any changes are made.