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What are the visiting hours?

Residents and friends play an important role in assisting our residents to feel that they are still a valuable member of the family and community. Visiting hours are flexible and visiting is encouraged at any reasonable time. If you are visiting, we'd appreciate if you'd sign our 'Visitor's Book'. If you'd like to stay for a meal, just speak to the Services Manager or Registered Nurse. There is a small charge for the meal.


Can I take a resident out?

Yes, in fact relatives and friends are encouraged to take residents out. We prefer that residents return home at a reasonable hour if possible by 10pm. If you are taking your friend or relative out, don't forget to notify staff in advance so that any special needs are catered for and medications can be arranged. Please sign the 'Absence Book' on our way out.


Can a resident stay out overnight?

Yes, but please notify the Administration Staff and the Registered Nurse a day or so in advance so that any special needs can be catered for and medications can be arranged. We request that our 'Absence Book' be signed when residents are being taken on extended leave.


What is the smoking policy?

Rockingham does not encourage smoking, however we realise that some residents may smoke. Smoking is not permitted in resident's rooms due to the danger of fire. Smoking is only permitted in designated outdoor areas.


What is the alcohol policy?

Reasonable alcohol consumption is permitted depending on the resident's diagnosis and treatment. In some cases alcohol distribution may be managed by staff.


Can a resident bring a pet?

Residents are not permitted to bring pets to live at Rockingham. However, we encourage residents and families to ask the Facility Manager about bringing your pet for a visit.


Who do I notify change of address to?

RKeeping contact information up to date is important; relatives are requested to notify the Home’s administration staff of changes of address or telephone numbers. Several contact numbers are appreciated in the case of an emergency.


Can a resident bring valuable items to Rockingham?

A Valuables Form is completed on admission. Valuables may include glasses, hearing aids, walkers and personal items. Whilst all care is taken, Rockingham cannot take responsibility for any claim arising from the loss of any valuables. Therefore, you may prefer to leave some valuables in the safe keeping of relatives/representatives.


Can legal documents be stored at Rockingham?

Rockingham can securely store legal documents for residents; arrangements for storage must be made prior to admission. However, we do prefer that all legal documents be lodged with the resident's solicitor, accountant, power of attorney or relative/representative. Please also note that staff members are not permitted to witness any legal documents for any residents. Please discuss this with the facility manager prior to admission.


What should I do if I'm not happy with the care provided?

Cardwell Care prides itself on being proactive in relation to residents needs. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your care or living arrangements we encourage you to contact senior staff including:
• the Registered Nurse,
• Director of Nursing,
• Services Manager, or
• Facility Manager.

The facility also conducts monthly residents’ meetings which are attended by senior staff.
If the response to your complaint is not to your satisfaction, you may forward your complaint in writing to the Board of Cardwell Care Incorporated.


If none of these responses meets your satisfaction, you can contact:

• The Complaints Unit, Complaints Resolution Scheme, Department of Health and Aged Care: Tel: 1800 550 552

• Older Persons Advocacy Service Incorporated, Townsville: Tel: 07 4771 6531

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